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International Trade Opportunities

National data shows that businesses that are involved in international trade grow more quickly and are more profitable, on average, than those that are not. The overwhelming majority (97%) of American businesses that export, meanwhile, are small- and medium-sized, while a full two-thirds of exporters have fewer than 20 employees.

Cape Coral is where that can work especially well for you.

More than 20 percent of all U.S. export businesses in 2016 were based in Florida, ranking the Sunshine State second behind only California, according to a 2019 Enterprise Florida report. More than 58,000 Florida companies exported that year. Ninety-six percent of those businesses were small- or medium-sized, with 500 or fewer employees.

In total value, Florida was eighth among U.S. states with $57.2 billion in state-origin exports, indicating that Florida has a higher ratio of small- and medium-sized exporters than other leading export states, such as Texas, California and New York.

Contact the Cape Coral Economic Development Office to learn more about Cape Coral’s advantages in this area. This includes the benefits of the city’s two federally-designated Foreign Trade Zones, which allow parts and components to be imported duty free if they are to be used to manufacture or assemble products for export.

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