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Welcome to Learn why Cape Coral is ranked among the best places to live Cape Coral, Florida Cape Coral - Your Ideal Business Environment Learn why Cape Coral is a preferred corporate relocation destination. Cape Coral - A Vibrant Waterfront City Fast-growing Cape Coral is one of the happiest cities in the nation.

Cape Coral, A Vibrant Waterfront City

Cape Coral is now the 8th largest city in Florida, ranked No. 1 for projected economic growth for 2019-2021 by Moody’s Analytics.  Our population growth ranks No. 7 in the U.S. and our days of sunshine average 266 per year.  Work-Life Balance is a perk in our community, which has also become a hot spot for millennials.

Because of Cape Coral’s size, strategic location and robust growth projections, we are destined to be the dominant marketplace in the region. Come grow with us.

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“Our growth has been exponential, do largely in part to our relocation to Cape Coral. We couldn’t be more proud to be here.”


“The beautiful thing about being a manufacturer in Cape Coral is that there’s a huge pool of potential employees who live in the Cape.”

–Doug Guyre, CEO, S4J Manufacturing

“We live where people vacation. That makes it easy to sell people to come here. We also have space to grow in Cape Coral. Many places don’t have the land available to grow.”

–Matthew Richter, Chief Information Officer, Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

“We’ve hired over 100 employees here in Cape Coral, and most of them were found locally. There’s been a variety of talents from technical people, people with accounting backgrounds, marketing expertise, and a lot of them have come from Florida Gulf Coast University. It’s a great resource.”

–Steve Ryan, CEO for Mercola

Caldwell & Kerr Advertising is one of the nation’s largest full-service retail automotive advertising agencies. The team is exceptional at expanding its clients’ reach.

Since bringing its headquarters to Cape Coral in 2016, annual revenues are up by $14.8 million.  The company plans to grow its primarily millennial staff by 70 percent within the next six years.

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